My first encounter with the Persian Cat happened in the early 80's with a Red & White male Kitten (just a pet) but he died due to genetic problems very young.
I missed him so much I just had to replace him. This led to me obtaining a Tortie Harlequin from a local breeder. She ended up being the start of my cat showing in approximately 1987. Her name was " Dudley Decorama".

As a 1st time Exhibitor with a Show Cat I was so proud and happy with her Results. Especially considering she was only shown locally. But I came to the conclusion that there was so much to learn with preparing an exhibit for the Show Bench. But by entering or attending shows and keeping my eyes and ears open. Even with some experimenting I taught myself a lot. I then decided with her Results and enjoying the actual showing. I changed my girl's papers from just a Pet to a Breeding proposition. I then proceeded to apply for my Prefix through the NZCF and was thankfully granted 'DECORAMA' after my 1st Girl.

For the next few years I relied on N.Z. Breeders for their studs. But as time went on I imported both male and female kittens and purchased from NZ breeders. This was to obtain outside lines and widen my gene pool. A great majority of the cats & kittens I have owned or bred past and present. Have been shown and done Extremely well on the Show Bench. I have retired some as early as 2 years old as they had reached the highest achievable Award on the show bench here in NZ which is GOLD. 

My 1st love with the Persians is the Bi-Colour, just as I started. But I set myself a goal of breeding good Reds as I just love the colour
after seeing a very rich coloured red in a book (although told by other breeders that Red is the hardest colour to pursue on the Show Bench). Well I have proven that I could do this with Reds I have bred. I have had Gold achievers both in Persian and Exotic, and only started breeding the Exotic approximately 2005, which I bred Bi-Colours & Solids also. Within my 23 odd years of breeding and showing throughout NZ  I have obtained National Awards, Supreme Awards, Regional Awards and numerous BIS Awards throughout NZ.
I enjoy the showing, and take great pride in putting a good exhibit in front of a Judge. This was up to the end of 2012 when I had to re-home some of my cats and give up showing due to ill health.

January 2014, after having two years off and my health nearly 100%, I decided I wanted to enjoy my cats again with Breeding and Showing them. Although with fewer numbers than prior to 2012. But I would never be without a Persian in my home anyway. (my kids)

Visit my Gallery Page for photos of Exhibits up to 2012


My Pursuit Of A Past Challenge:  This was my 1st Red. A Male purchased as a kitten off another N.Z. Breeder in 1996. I named him "Fella" and he was the beginning & start of my Red Breeding. Breeding the Reds I found they do better as they seem to age. Once they are an adult, their colour becomes more substantial. I also find anything with the orange gene being the main colour they seem to have a very loving nature and are very affectionate. Fella had lots of love to give. I showed him throughout the South Island of NZ trying to achieve him Gold status.
Gold depended on the Judge's decision back then, as it was up to them if they were good enough to attain Bronze, Silver or Gold. In my opinion still the best way. But our NZCF took these awards away from the Judges and now it's on Show Points accumulated. After he achieved this I retired him to a life on my bed and stud work. He sadly passed away a few years ago. But my man will never be forgotten.

RIP FELLA 1996-2009